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July 4, 2016
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Top 10 Questions

How fast can it screen?

It can screen sandstone soil at 15 cubic metres in 10 mintues. It will depend on what you are screening and what you are screening with.

What types of material can you screen?

Soil, top soil, blue metal, sand, charcoal, mulch, excavated material, compost

What other mesh sizes are available?

We have stock sizes 10x100mm, 5x100mm, 10 x 10mm, 15x15mm available, but you can really have any size made to your needs from 3mm to 100mm. The 20x100mm is standard and other mesh sizes are an extra cost.

Does it come assembled or flatpacked?

We transport the screeners flatpacked to lower the delivery costs but if you do want a screener made it will cost $1000 to be made plus the delivery cost.

What does it run on?

Standard household power 240 volt 10amp. A small 2kva generator is more than capable of running the screener.

What is the warranty?

12 months manufactures warranty

Are they available to hire?

Yes, they are in Sydney only at the moment.

Where are they made?

American designed, manufactured in China in our own factory guaranteeing quality production.

Can I  swap my standard 20x100mm mesh for another size?

No, the 20x100mm is factory fitted. We have found the 20x100mm mesh is the most versatile across the industries we sell too.

What are the lift extensions?

The lift extensions slide into the forklift pockets on the machine, they allow you to lift up the soil screen with the bucket of your loader and move it around your yard, if you don’t have a forklift.

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